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Welcome to Cortez Creamery Herd Share

In Colorado, you can only legally drink raw milk from a cow you own!  It is illegal to actually sell Raw milk in Colorado!  To solve this problem Colorado allows Farms to operate herd/milk share programs.

​A herd-share is co-ownership in a privately owned herd of dairy livestock. But don't worry, you don't have to take home a cow to enjoy fresh Raw milk. The great thing about a herd-share is it allows your family to have access to Raw Milk without needing a cow in your backyard, or forcing you to break the law by purchasing Raw Milk illegally from sometimes shady sellers!

To get raw A2 milk from Cortez Creamery, first you buy your share of our milk cow herd. After that, you contract with Cortez Creamery to care for and milk your cows, in exchange you pay Cortez Creamery cow-care fees in proportion to the shares you own.  That means, we do all the milking, feeding, and cleaning up and You get to enjoy a share of the most nutritious and delious milk on earth

How Do I get Started?

First Join our Herd Share by clicking the Join now button below to pay your buy-in fee! 

This is a yearly fee. This fee helps us cover the cost of reusable glass bottles and jars, replacement cows and milking equipment.

Once you have joined the share you can visit the member's Store, select & pay for your Products!

Milk, Cream, Butter, and eggs are available for Weekly Shares

 Then set up your deliveries.  

Fees currently range from $10 to $25 depending on your distance from the farm and are subject to change with fuel prices


We are Currently Delivering to the following areas: Cortez, Dolores, Mancos, Rico, Durango, Bayfield, Ignacio & Pagosa Springs


 Coming soon: Telluride, Ridgeway.

Get Milk from Cortez Creamery

  • Join Our Herd Share

    Every year
    • Yearly Herd share Membership
    • This covers the cost of your share of the cow herd,
    • and reuseable glass bottles and jars.

Frequently Asked Herd Share Questions

How do I change or cancel my share? If you need to cancel or change your share simply send us an email and we can cancel your current share for you. Then you can make any changes you need.

What if I need to pause my share, For vacation or ? Being part of Herd share Requires a commitment on our part and your part. Our Cow Must be milked and fed daily. They produce the same amount of milk everyday even if you are on vacation. This milk is allotted specifically for you and your family every week. Due to Colorado law we are limited on what we can do with this milk if you don’t take it. You have the option to give this milk to another herd share member or donate it to feed the farm pigs. Unfortunately we cannot refund you for missed milk because the costs are allocated to taking care of the cows everyday.

What if I need extra milk? We handle this two ways. If you are a delivery customer just send an email ahead of time and we will add it to your regular weekly order and bill you. If you pick up at the farm you can find extra milk in the refrigerator under the available label. Just leave your payment in the box.

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