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I'm Hannah Usher the founder of Cortez Creamery and Rocky Ridge Farm. 

I am so glad you are here!

Raw Milk A2 Milk from Grass Fed Cows saved my life!

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My Story

My Story

I was considered a miracle child, born premature suffering from Amniotic Banding syndrome, which took both ring and middle fingers on both my hands and my index finger on my left hand, all my toes except my pinky toe on my right foot, and left my other leg with scaring around the ankle. The doctors said I may never walk. Despite my disabilities, I met all of my milestones early.   I   grew up a couple of blocks from downtown Reno, Nevada,  in a trailer park, my family wasn't a farming family.  So how did I end up here?  Well, I always had a love of animals and would befriend every stray in the trailer park and rescue a sick duck from the park and help nurse it back to health.   Then one day through a  twist of fate we ended up moving to Cortez, Colorado so my family could look after my grandmother, my mom got a job at the local farm store and it started with baby chicks & ducklings, followed shortly a horse and pony.  All of which I was allergic to and aggravated my asthma, but I loved them so my doctor kept me medicated.  Little did I know this was the tip of an iceberg.   

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 When I was 17,  I was at Shriners hospital to have surgery  to improve the function of my hands. During the appointment the doctor asked several questions which led to them discovering I was experiencing unusual   joint pain they ran some tests. and    diagnosed me with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. For years I had struggled with the pain and inflammation my condition caused. I tried several medications & refused others due to possible life-threatening side effects. I went to doctor, after doctor, I tried supplement, after supplement. By the time I was 21, when I should have just started my life, I couldn't get out of bed without a handful of Advil. I was always exhausted and had no energy to fight the pain. I was in a down hill spiral.

A friend suggested I try drinking Raw milk to help heal my immune system. I was eating what I thought was a healthy diet (boy was I wrong), but I figured what the heck, and I gave raw milk a try.  Soon after I started drinking raw milk I noticed, I needed my inhaler less, my allergies weren't terrorizing me & I didn't need the Advil anymore. It turned my health around.   Then my raw milk lady went out of business.   I couldn't get raw milk, and within weeks all of my symptoms started to return. Desperate for the raw milk my body needed I bought a milk cow and from there my farm grew. As I continued to add more nourishing foods to my diet my health continued to dramatically improve.  As of today, my health has improved to the point I have been able to also pursue a full time career as a Farrier, and support my love of horses. Having access to this  healing food changed my life and   I knew I had to share it.  It has been my mission since  to   provide amazing food to the rest of the world. 

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