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Waiting on Babies, Milk shortage & lessons in patience and grace.

Spring is just around the corner. The Snow is gone for a moment and the mud is dry for a while. Here on the farm, we are in the waiting season.

Waiting on warmer temps so we can start planting for the season and waiting on babies.

Over the years of running our little farm, I've learned you can't rush nature and she does things all in her own time.

Right now We are waiting for Miss Daisy, aka Crazy Daisy, to have her first calf. We had her due date down on the calendar for last week but it appears she is holding out or became pregnant a little later than we thought.

This is causing a little hiccup in our milk schedule. We usually always have one extra cow milking to cover our cream and Butter shares.

This year it was Miss Puzzle, our matriarch cow. She is getting up there in age in terms of being a milk cow and needs a little more time to rest between having her calves so we had to stop milking her sooner than we would our younger cows. The result is we are coming up short on milk to fill our Butter and cream orders.

Of course, being my people-pleasing self, I want to avoid this at all costs and I feel terrible about not being able to meet everyone's needs and expectations, but loving my sweet jersey cows means I will never push one to keep milking longer than is healthy for them.

So I must be patient, and just wait and trust that my sweet and caring customers will also understand that this is part of the experience of being part of our small Dairy. All of our ups and downs we go through together.

Keep Miss Daisy in your thoughts for a smooth speedy delivery when the time is right.

With Love

Your Farmer



For all of my customers getting milk.

We will fill milk orders first, then cream, followed by butter.

If I can't fill your cream and butter orders you will be refunded, and as always if it seems I've missed a refund to you, please feel free to reach out so I can make sure I get that to you. We are actively looking for another milk cow to bring home to help fill the shortage until our cows calve but we have a long list of criteria so finding the right cow to add to the dairy can be challenging.

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