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Spring arrives with an Icey Blast, Potholes, and Baby Explosion!

If you are living in the Four Corners area you know how brutal this winter was. We Finally saw some relief the last two weeks when We finally started to warm up. I turned up our milk fridges to keep the milk super cold as we prefer to keep it. I breathed a little sigh of relief as This was the beginning of lambing Season and our Sweet Cow Puzzle was over due to calve.

However, one last storm was looming. We had three ewes give birth and I anxiously watched Puzzle, waiting and waiting for her to calve. She did right before the last snow blew in. Giving birth to an adorable bull calf.

Puzzle's Jersey Bull Calf

He was a little slow starting and had to be bottle-fed for the first three days of life.

With The cold snap at our heels, I changed the temp on our fridges to prevent milk from freezing and started night checks on the sheep who were all heavily pregnant.

Thankfully none of the ewes decided to lamb during the frigid overnight and waited until the sun came up to have their babies. Over the last 2 weeks, we have had over 40 lambs arrive safe and healthy! The only casualties on the farm were several bottles of milk that froze Leaving us short for cream and butter last week and a broken shock on the old delivery Truck!

Halfway through our deliveries Last weekend a pot hole struck breaking the shock on our delivery truck. The Result was a very very slow delivery day!

But We got it fixed and everyone Survived.

All the New Babies.

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