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Forgotten Coolers and Broken Bottles.

Life can get crazy, with running the dairy, my hoof care business, and managing a family, I understand! There are so many things on our minds these days! Many of you are also juggling, work, family, and remembering everything else.

Several people forgot to leave their coolers out the week before last, for milk Delivery! As your Dariy woman, this leaves me in a tough spot!

Do I leave your milk on your porch and risk it getting broken? or freezing in the winter or getting too warm on a sunny day?

It also leaves me short on bottles to refill for the following week, Not to mention the following week I need to figure out how to get all the extra empties back home.

I also understand that the cooler on the porch is an eyesore.

So I've been looking into solutions to keep your milk safe and cold! Below is what I've found!

Otter box has come out with porch boxes with integrated ice packs and dividers. These will keep your milk cold for 12 hours and can stay on your porch. If you buy extra ice packs I can switch them out every week so you don't have to remember to freeze them and put them back.

These will cost $55.99 for the box, $13.49 per ice pack and $9.99 each for any additional dividers. Shipping is running $28.00 per box. If I have enough orders we can get reduced shipping.

If you want a grab-and-go option, you can get the milk crate and cooler.

I can order the coolers for as low as $77 if we have at least 5 orders. Not the cheapest option but convenient.

The next issue we are facing is broken bottles. Each glass bottle costs the dairy $4.75 before we fill it. We have gone through two cases so far this year and it's only February. Normally we can absorb this cost but at this rate, we will have to add a bottle surcharge to your bill whenever the dairy needs to place a new bottle order. I really don't want to pass on any additional cost to you guys. So to help with that I would recommend getting some milk bottle carriers to transport your milk from the porch box into your house. This will help cut down on bottle breakage so we can avoid increasing costs to our customers. You can find them here!

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